sos4uallThe Rusty Anchor Bar & Grill and El Cañonero Hotel are managed and operated by John McMahan. John is an American originally from Indiana. He first came to the Philippines in 1978 while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. After a tour with the Marines, he became a career fireman and EMT in Tempe, Arizona for 30 years. When he retired from fire fighting, John bought a sail boat and sailed around the world, ending up in (you guessed it) Puerto Galera where he plans to stay permanently. As he says “I love the Philippines” and “I am living the dream”. John’s handle on our blog is “sos4uall”. He cares deeply for his family, friends and employees and genuinely wants people to have fun and be happy.

John McMahan

The Rusty Anchor Bar & Grill and El Cañonero Hotel are managed and operated by John McMahan.

El Cañonero Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Puerto Galera. It is located next to the historic Spanish cross and cannons in Muelle Port. Although it does not have a sandy  beach front or fancy swimming pool, it is has the best view of Muelle Bay and most all the activities on Muelle Pier. El Cañonero Hotel is also very near Coral garden, where  the famous breeding ground for giant clams are an ideal place for snorkeling. Going to any of Puerto Galera’s fine beaches is very easy as the bancas and tricycles are conveniently located just a few steps from the hotel.

View of Muelle Bay and Muelle Pier from El Cañonero Hotel

The view of Muelle Bay and Muelle Pier from the 2nd Floor of the El Cañonero Hotel.

sos4uallThe Rusty Anchor Bar & Grill and El Cañonero Hotel are indeed reborn under John McMahan’s stewardship and destined to serve you some of the very best things Puerto Galera has to offer!


4 Responses to About

  1. Danita Sampson says:

    Hey John! Just checking out your webpage! Looks really cool my friend and hope you are having a lifetime of fun. Take care and if there are any needs for communication tower builds or upgrades let us know. ENJOY and maybe one day we can visit. Guess we would have some juice down there.

    • sos4uall says:

      Thanks Danita, we could use a cheerleader!

      • Danita Sampson says:

        Well, I can still do most of the acrobats…maybe not as pretty as it use to be but, hey, I’m 52! My husband Randy will till you I still have the mouth for it! Hahaha! I have a business associate that lives in the Phills and have put the word out about your restaurant. His name is Bobby and he is an ex-marine as well. He is about a 100 miles away but you never know. I told him to look you up if he gets in the area. Personally, I want one of those mangos in the pic! Have a great day!

      • sos4uall says:

        Hey that would be great to see a friend of yours, small world! Yes the mangos are great here…and if you can do those acrobats..Hats off to you Danita!

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